About Sequence

We’ve been in business for over a decade and started as a consulting company helping businesses with product design, information management, analytics and web app development.

In 2017, we launched Timelapse, a knowledge base and help center solution. At the time, creating a help center for your company or product was quite a project. Even though there were well-established products in the industry, most were expecting customers to pick a template and customize it. Basically, they expected you to have some sort of technical expertise.

When we introduced Timelapse, we changed that completely. All you had to do was upload a logo, pick a brand color, choose a layout and that’s it. You had a help center.

Customers loved that and slowly started using it more and more for internal use – things like onboarding employees, providing private critical information to business partners or centralizing company policies.

While it was possible to do all these things with Timelapse, we didn’t feel the experience was the best it could be for these customers.

So we started working on a simple solution to solve internal information management challenges and that solution eventually became Sequence.

And here we are today. We hope you’ll love Sequence and you can feel confident knowing there’s a company behind the product that’s been around for over a decade.