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It’s hard to believe that organizing and sharing information with colleagues, customers and collaborators is still a challenge today.

It’s not that there’s a shortage of tools to create and share information, just that for the most part they’re built around the idea of creating and sharing loose documents.

And loose documents are, well, loose.

So things like documentation, procedures, guidelines and support material end up all over the place. And it’s not helping anyone. It just creates frustration and confusion.

The truth is that having a space to centralize, organize and share your team or company’s most important information shouldn’t be that hard.

It shouldn’t require committing to a new tool that wants to take over your whole digital life.

It shouldn’t have to be a full-blown project.

It shouldn’t be intimidating.

It shouldn’t require contacting a sales team.

We get it. And that’s what Sequence is all about.

We've got you covered

A simple yet powerful information management solution

Spaces are the new wikis and knowledge bases

Spaces are where you can easily organize related content. They’re easy to create, independent from one another and different collaborators can be assigned to different spaces.

Unlimited spaces

There's no limit to the number of spaces you can create, no matter what plan you're on. Create as many as you need for your company, teams and customers.

Everyone gets it

No need to hold a one-day workshop or individual training to get your team on board. Yes, it's that easy, everyone will just get it.

Simple structure

Confused by having to deal with sections, topics, articles or whatever structure a tool forces you to use? With Sequence, everything is a page, so no more confusion.

Infinite page nesting

Everything being a page, simply group and nest pages to create your ideal structure. That's it. No tags, sections, topics or wathever other grouping mechanism.

An editor everyone can use

Sequence comes with a simple yet powerful text editor that everyone will understand and start using instinctively.

Files & Attachments

With simple drag & drop, add images, files or attachments to your pages and embed media content from supported sources like YouTube.

Version history

You or your teammate made a mistake? No problems, we've got you covered. All plans come with 90 days version history so you can easily roll back to a previous version of a page.

Move & Copy

Changed your mind and need to rework the structure a little bit? Since everything is just a page, simply move or copy pages around.

Private by default

All spaces are private by default, only you and the people you choose will have access unless you decide to make them public.

Share with a public link

Should you decide you want to share a page or space with someone not on your account, you can easily create a public link.

Collaborate with other people

Invite members of your team or external collaborators to your account. You can control to what spaces on your account they have access.

Permission and access management

Easily view everyone on your account and control what they can do on a per-space basis.

Cover images

Add cover images to your spaces or pages to personalize them and have them match your brand.

Multi-accounts support

Participate in more than one Sequence account? No need to manage multiple users, use more than one account through the same user.